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Serving The NYC Tri-State Area for over 33-Yrs, With 24- Hrs, Smiley face Central Station Alarm Monitoring For Residential & Commercial Security Burglar Alarm Systems & Video Surveillance for Your Home & Business.

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Professional police dispatching operators monitoring your system 24/7.

Professional home and business security system installation Fully ready to customize your system to meet your needs.
*NO FALSE ALARM* due to equipment failure or inferior workmanship!. *LIFE TIME WARRANTY* for every piece of equipment purchased. We will replace or repair any part on your alarm system that is defected or damaged. (Batteries Not Included) *NO CHARGE* as long you are our Central Station Customer. You Can Saves Up To 20% on home owner’s insurance. We are ready to install a complete basic security system just for $299.95. Basic alarm monitoring monthly fee is $25.00, with FREE! alarm user Daily email opening and closing reports.

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Authorized Alarm Systems
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Alarm System

Expandable Gemini hybrid controls feature:

Napco's crystal-control Gemini wireless products have been proven by an independent testing laboratory to outperform competitive products, with long-range RF reliability, as much as 50% higher than other brands. Gemini Transmitters range from keyfobs and panic buttons, to recessed door and surface-mount window/door contacts, to wireless PIR, PIR/pet and dual sensors, and from wireless smokes and glass breaks to heat detectors. Simply put, Gemini's uncommon crystal-control precision and omni directional circuitry, ensures the wireless/hardwire systems you provide will dependably deliver the security and trouble-free, peace-of-mind they deserve for many years to come.


Napco's Security Products

Wide choice of designer keypads for every application and budget iBridge App & Touchscreen/Tablet for integrated security, climate, lighting or video control or iRemote Virtual Keypad App for smartphones/devices Control4® Certified SDDP and Ethernet Integration C4 Controller can seamlessly use all Napco Bus detected activity for triggering home automation. Support all major communication formats plus internet & StarLink Wireless Radios, universal primary/backup communicator (hi-speed up/downloads from Gemini Panels) Up/downloading, including unique PC-preset unattended method EZ-Programming mode at keypad.


Napco Gemini P801 Security Panel, 9 Zones

Central Station Alarm Security System Basic Package. Complete with hardwire installation

  • 1, 8 Zone's Gemini P801 Alarm Control Panel.
  • 1, Digital LED Keypad Display.
  • 1, 60x60 PIR Motion Detector Unit.
  • 1, Door Contacted.
  • 1, Indoor 15 watt Siren.
  • 1, 12, Votes Battery Backup Supply
  • 1, AC wall outlet Transformer.
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