The technical support phone line are for authorized alarm customers only.
Home and business owners with a Napco system control system. Please give us your phone number or Acct Number when submitting questions for faster service. (917) 418-5458 Got a technical support question?

How to use the Setup Wizard in the NAPCO iBridge App..

iBridge App. Start by clicking on the gear and folder icon. Click on start up wizard. Now your customers phone should be connected to their Wi-Fi. The SSID of their router should appear.

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iBridge Keypad View 2 New Features.

is a universal sole-path burglary intrusion Verizon Communications cellular LTE alarm communicator that is designed for new or existing security systems. The SLE-LTEV-Z communicator is compatible with any 12V to 24V brand security system using Contact ID or 4/2 formats.
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How to set your system Date and Time.

You can change your clock’s settings, including the date, time, and time zone. You can set how your alarms and timers work, and add clocks for other cities. Change time zone Important:
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How to Set the Keypad Address and Keypad Type to iBridge Using the App

To change the keypad address, proceed as follows: Power the touchscreen, place the control panel into Con- figuration Mode and enter 11123 FUNCTION (as you normally would for Keypad Configuration Mode) and then press FUNCTION until you see "Keypad Address". Change address number and then press ON/OFF to save..
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How to Change & Setup System Area When Using iBridge the App.

To change your system area start by pressing the AREA you wish to Arm or Disarm (1) or (2) button then press the AREA button followed by the ON/OFF button. ..
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